Decaffeinated Coffees

The decaffeinated coffees roasted by Red Barn use the “Royal Select Water Process” of removing caffine from the bean. This non-contact water process returns the coffee in such good shape that sometimes it can be hard to tell the difference between the decaf and the regular.

Perhaps the truest test of one’s devotion to coffee would be to eliminate the caffeine and then see who keeps coming back for more. Considering they get all the show and none of the go, it stands to reason that a decaf drinker actually is the most devoted coffee lover of all - they drink coffee because they love the taste!

We proudly sell seven different decaf’s: 
Red Barn Blend - $12.75 / Organic Red Barn Blend - $14.55 
Colombia - $12.95 / Costa Rica - $12.95 
Honduras Maya - $12.75 / Espresso Dark Roast - $12.95 Organic Espresso Dark Roast - $13.00 

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